Acerca de EMBARQ

EMBARQ, a program of the World Resources Institute (WRI), catalyzes and helps implement environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable urban transport and urban planning solutions to improve quality of life in cities. Founded in 2002, EMBARQ operates through a global network of centers in [Brazil](, [China](, [India](, [Mexico](, and [Turkey]( The EMBARQ Network collaborates with local and national authorities, businesses, and civil society to reduce pollution, improve public health, and create safe, accessible, and attractive urban public spaces. EMBARQ serves as an independent, trusted advisor, fostering the global transfer of best practices and spearheading projects that lead to impact on the ground and at scale. At the local level, we partner with mayors, city planners, and other municipal officials to provide technical assistance and institutional support for transport projects. We also help ensure that financing and laws require safe, efficient, sustainable transport and urban development projects, such as helping local authorities in Indore, India set up the institutional structure necessary to provide efficient and organized public bus services. We scale up the on-the-ground impact of our projects through national and international policy and global knowledge exchange. At the national level, we are strengthening our engagement with ministries of finance, environment, infrastructure, health, and transportation, as well as elected officials and national financing bodies, to fulfill national safety and climate plan requirements and secure funding for new projects. Some of our past successes include influencing India’s first national sustainable transport policy. Similarly, EMBARQ Mexico provided important project evaluation guidelines and assistance for Mexico’s first-ever federal fund for public transit projects. At the international level, we mainstream sustainable transport through international agreements and best practice recommendations. We also facilitate technology transfer and financing by working closely with our partners, including multilateral development banks, bilateral agencies, regional issue-focused associations, and global treaties like the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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