TOD Guide for Urban Community

However, Mexico is on the verge of an urban transformation that requires greater sustainability standards, and whose citizens demand a better quality of life. This need is evidenced by the success with which DOTS® has entered the public and private Mexican urban development spheres. CTS EMBARQ Mexico has worked as a consultant to both municipal governments and domestic private real-estate developers, with the goal of incorporating DOTS® into the design of sustainable communities.

The DOTS® Guide for Sustainable Urban Communities describes 28 concrete urban design recommendations - simple to understand, implement and promote - based on both international sustainable development standards, as well as on the 7 DOTS® components. The recommendations are structured around the construction and renewal of urban development. Its primary objective is to establish common design criteria among the various players responsible for the building of sustainable urban communities, so it is primarily intended for public sector decision-makers, real-estate developers, and citizens searching for quality-of-life improvements in their urban environments.


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